My Writing

The things I write tend to fit in one of these genres or sub-genres:

  • Fantasy
    • Urban fantasy
    • Dark fantasy
    • Epic fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Horror / Dark Fiction

Or some combination of those things. I’ve been told that my urban fantasy has a ‘noir’ tang, and that my comedy has kind of a sarcastic bite.

My primary WIP is a series of novels I’m calling The MCU Case Files. MCU stands for Magical Crimes Unit. It’s an offshoot of the FBI (like the SVU or Special Victims Unit or the BAU or Behavioral Analysis Unit) that exists in my alternate version of the world in which magic is real and ‘out’ and embraced — however reluctantly — by the powers that be in the government, armed forces, and investigative bodies at all levels. My two mainest characters are Special Agent Nicholas (Nick) Damon, who is a mage, and Special Agent Javier Ellis, who is a psion. They investigate crimes in the Atlanta area that involve an element of magic, be it murder, robbery, fraud, or whatever. They make a pretty good team and have a high success rate.

However, they would be a lot less effective without the cooperation and assistance of the Atlanta Police Department (APD) in the persons of Detective Charlotte “Chuck” Norris and her partner Detective Derek Meads. Both are in the Magical Crimes Division of the APD, headed by Deputy Chief Durrett, and are charged with protecting Atlanta from magical threats and solving Atlanta’s magical crimes. Neither Chuck nor Derek possesses any magical powers.

There are currently three novels partially plotted out, with ideas for two or three more. The first, tentatively titled Death Scene, is my current WIP and I hope to have it completed by the fall of 2015.

In addition to the novels, I have a number of short(er) stories of various lengths (750 words up to 30,000 words — “short” is relative). These are in various stages of completion. A few have been submitted to various markets, but none has been accepted, yet.

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