Podcasts I Listen To

I first discovered podcasts back in 2006. At work, I did a thing and it got recognized, and I was nominated for and won a recognition award for my hard work. Part of that award was an iPod. I had an iPod but it was a Nano, which only held about 2G of stuff, and what I mostly had on it were audiobooks. So here I was suddenly with an iPod Classic with 320G of storage. What would I do with all that storage?

I started slow. I had heard of these “pod-casts” (say it like someone tasting the word for the first time ever), but had no idea what they were. I searched and found something called Skepticality.

At the time, I was very much into the Skeptical community, and when I realized there were podcasts related to it, Skepticality wasn’t the only one, it was just the first of many. Then I discovered Grammar Girl. And not long after that, the obsession — nay, addiction — set in.

These days, when I’m engaged in activities during which writing would be dangerous or at the very least bad for me (driving, showering, working, exercise), I’m usually listening to podcasts. If you don’t know what a podcast is, what time frame have you traveled here from, and how did you find my page? Just kidding. I know podcasts are not necessarily common knowledge.

Podcasts are like radio shows that are recorded and can then be downloaded onto whatever device you like, and then listened to on your own schedule. Or they can be like audiobooks. Or videos. They can be strongly about a single topic or generally about whatever pops into the host(s)’s head(s). They can be entertaining or informative. Or they can be just two guys talking into microphones about nothing (picture Seinfeld, only it’s just Jerry and George or Kramer or Elaine sitting in a room talking for a period of time, and you’re watching / listening).

I listen to so many on so many varied topics that I’ve curated them into smart playlists by podcast, and again by smart playlist for subject matter, and again by smart playlist for length (sometimes I only have 10 minutes, and it’s nice to be able to go to my “< 10 minutes" playlist and go from there). What follows is my list of podcasts I subscribe to by subject matter, organized in the way I prioritize them for listening. And within each subject matter, the sort might change. From time to time. Alphabetic, usually, but don't be surprised if it's something else. :)

I have to tell you this last little bit, because it shows how my brain works. I try to make order out of chaos. Hence these lists. I keep track of them in a spreadsheet, which is how I first noticed that I had a lot of ‘True Crime’ podcasts, and that they needed their own subcategory. But the list on this site was made — painstakingly — by hand. Which meant I never updated it because doing that would take away time I could use writing listening to podcasts.

In a fit of annoyance, I thought, “I wish I had a way to automate the creation of the table!”

And that snide, oh-so-annoying voice in my head said, “Dummy. You’re a software engineer. You design software for a living. Capisce?” (I don’t know why my inner voice speaks with an Italian mobster dialect, but it does. Don’t judge me.)

So, I wrote a little program in C# that takes my Excel spreadsheet (kinda) and generates everything you see below, beginning with the “Podcasts, in order of ‘Importance.'” It counts them for me, arranges all the bold and italic and strike-through and the hovertext. Now I can just regenerate this page whenever I feel like it. And although I spent about twelve hours over the course of two days (Weekend days, I might add!) working on this to the exclusion of all else, it’ll only take about 10 minutes to output the spreadsheet and run the program to generate this page going forward. And 9 minutes 45 seconds of that 10 minutes is saving the individual sheets of the spreadsheet in a form my program can read. :)


Entries will have the following form:

PodcastName {#ArchivedEpisodes} (CreatorIfKnown) [FrequencyIfKnown] [LinkIfAvailable]

If you see… It means…
An Underlined Title The description of the podcast will pop up in a little window if you hover over it. Give it a try to the left. Hover your mouse over ‘An Underlined Title.’
A Bold Title There is a (often vast) backlog of episodes that I’m listening to to catch up to current. To the right of name is the {number} of episodes in said backlog.
An Italic Title The podcast is ‘complete.’ No new episodes are being produced to my knowledge. There have been podcasts I thought were complete and then a new episode popped up months or even years later.
A Crossed-Out Title The podcast has “faded.” In other words, it just sort of stopped without any sort of announcement, and is probably dead. I still subscribe, just in case.
A Normal Title This is a live podcast, currently in production, and I’m caught up, listening to new episodes as they go live (within a week or so, usually).

And those “stack,” by the way; I could have a bold, struck-out, italic title with an underline. Meaning it faded, was complete (wouldn’t both happen, but hey), but I have a backlog, and you can see the description if you hover.

Podcasts, in order of “importance” (355 total; 16057 episodes):

  1. Fiction: Audiodrama (62 podcasts; 2642 episodes)

    In the Golden Days of radio, a lot of shows were audiodramas. They had music, sound effects, and multiple voice actors. This lost art is coming back, but in the form of podcasts rather than on the radio. These are performances by actors, not just straight readings. The distinguishing feature: ongoing stories.

    • Scottish Podcast, A {6} (Jester’s Baffies Productions) [Periodically] [Link]
    • Hadron Gospel Hour {7} (Hadron Gospel Hour) [Periodically] [Link]
    • Spines {10} (FateCrafters / ZoomDoom Stories) [Weekly] [Link]
    • Orphans, The {11} (The Nerdy Show Network) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Box Podcast, The {14} (Lauren Nelson) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Star Trek: Lost Frontier {18} (Darker Projects) [Periodically] [Link]
    • Lift, The {28} (9th Story Studios) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Frozen Frights Podcast, The {38} (The Icebox Radio Theater) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Wolf 359 {50} (Kinda Evil Genius Productions) [Semi-monthly] [Link]
    • Sayer {52} (Adam Bash) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Leviathan Chronicles, The {59} (Christoff Laputka) [Periodically] [Link]
    • Magnus Archives, The {69} (Rusty Quill) [Weekly] [Link]
    • The Truth {84} (Radiotopia) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Byron Chronicles, The {89} (Darker Projects) [Periodically] [Link]
    • Once and Future Nerd, The {89} (Glass & Madera) [Semi-monthly] [Link]
    • Makeshift Stories {117} (Alan V. Hare) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • We’re Alive – A "Zombie" Story of Survival {152} (KC Wayland) [Link]
    • Secret World Chronicle, The {155} (Mercedes Lackey) [Periodically] [Link]
    • Thrilling Adventure Hour, The {261} (Nerdist) [Weekly] [Link]
    • 19 Nocturne Boulevard {613} (Julie Hoverson) [Periodically] [Link]
    • Radio Mystery Theater {720} (CBSRMT) [Daily] [Link]
    • Aaron’s World [Monthly] [Link]
    • Alice Isn’t Dead (Night Vale Presents) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Archive 81 (Dead Signals) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • ars PARADOXICA (ars Paradoxica) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Black Tapes, The (Minnow Beats Whale) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Bright Sessions, The (Lauren Shippen) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Chris Lester’s Patreon Feed (Chris Lester) [Weekly] [Link]
    • Dark Tome (Wondery) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Darkest Night (The Paragon Collective) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Deadly Manners (The Paragon Collective) [Weekly] [Link]
    • Deadly Manners: Behind the Scenes (The Paragon Collective) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Deep Vault, The (Dead Signals) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Diary of a Madman (FateCrafters / Paul Sating) [Weekly] [Link]
    • Disappearance Podcast, The (Partners in Crime Media) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Elysium Project, The (Rusty Quill) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Far Meridian, The (The Whisperforge) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • It Makes a Sound (Night Vale Presents) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Lauren Shippen’s Patreon Feed (Lauren Shippen) [Periodically] [Link]
    • LifeAfter (Slate Magazine) [Weekly] [Link]
    • Limetown (Two-Up Productions) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Mars 2060: The Colony Files (A to B Productions) [Semi-monthly] [Link]
    • Metamor City Podcast, The (Chris Lester) [Weekly] [Link]
    • Mission to Zyxx (Audioboom) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air), The (Night Vale Presents) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • RABBITS (Minnow Beats Whale) [Weekly] [Link]
    • Raven and the Writing Desk, The (Chris Lester) [Weekly] [Link]
    • Rude Alchemy [Monthly] [Link]
    • Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape (Wondery) [Weekly] [Link]
    • Sight Unseen (Wondery) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Small Town Horror (Jon Grilz) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Steal the Stars (Tor Labs / Gideon Media) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Stoney Creek [Link]
    • Tanis (Minnow Beats Whale) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Terms (Wondery) [Weekly] [Link]
    • This Kaiju Life (Grig Larson) [Weekly] [Link]
    • Tunnels, The (Dead Spider Productions) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Uncanny County (Todd Faulkner and Alison Crane) [Monthly] [Link]
    • Unplaced (Michelle Nickolaisen) [Biweekly] [Link]
    • Unreliable Narrators: E’Ville [Weekly] [Link]
    • Welcome to Night Vale (Night Vale Presents) [Semi-monthly] [Link]
    • Within the Wires (Night Vale Presents) [Biweekly] [Link]
  2. Fiction (36 podcasts; 3561 episodes)

    A single, contained (shorter – drabble, flash, short stories, novelettes, and novellas) story in a single episode, whether that be 5 minutes or 3 hours. Usually read by one person, and without music or sound effects. Just a good, old-fashioned reading of a story.

    • Rocket Talk (Fiction) {1} (Tor.Com) [Periodically]
    • Twilight Histories {15} (Jordan Harbour) [Periodically]
    • Knifepoint Horror {20} (Soren Narnia) [Monthly]
    • Melting Potcast (Fiction Episodes) {20} (A. F. Grappin)
    • GlitterShip {24} (Glittership) [Weekly]
    • Let’s Not Meet {26} (Andrew Tate) [Weekly]
    • 600 Second Saga {32} (Mariah Avix) [Weekly]
    • Overcast, The {52} (The Overcast) [Semi-monthly]
    • Protecting Project Pulp {63} (District of Wonders)
    • Serving Worlds {72} (John Mierau)
    • Wily Writers Speculative Fiction Audio Stories {72} (Wily Writers)
    • Variant Frequencies {104} (Rick Stringer) [Monthly]
    • Nightmare Magazine {127} (Nightmare Magazine) [Semi-monthly]
    • Dark Verse, The {128} (M. Amanuensis Sharkchild) [Weekly]
    • Wicked Library, The {144} (9th Story Studios) [Biweekly]
    • Beneath Ceaseless Skies Audio Fiction Podcasts {174} (Beneath Ceaseless Skies) [Weekly]
    • Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, The {185} (Rish Outfield, Big Anklevich) [Periodically]
    • H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast, The {213} (Chris Lackey & Chad Fifer) [Monthly]
    • Journey Into… {251} (Marshal Latham)
    • Voice of Free Planet X, The {282} (Jared Axelrod) [Weekly]
    • Strange Horizons {298} (Strange Horizons Magazine) [Weekly]
    • Lightspeed Magazine {354} (Lightspeed Magazine) [Weekly]
    • Clarkesworld Magazine – Science Fiction & Fantasy {407} (Clarkesworld) [Weekly]
    • Stories from Nobilis Reed (Nobilis Erotica) {497} (Nobilis) [Weekly]
    • Apex Magazine Podcast (Apex Magazine) [Monthly]
    • Cast of Wonders (Escape Artists) [Weekly]
    • Escape Pod (Escape Artists) [Weekly]
    • Fantasy Magazine (Fantasy Magazine) [Periodically]
    • LeVar Burton Reads (LeVar Burton, Stitcher) [Weekly]
    • Moonlit Road Podcast, The (The Moonlit Road) [Periodically]
    • Nature Podcast (Futures) (Nature Publishing Group) [Monthly]
    • Night Fears (Dark Myths) [Periodically]
    • PodCastle (Escape Artists) [Weekly]
    • Pseudopod (Escape Artists) [Weekly]
    • Toasted Cake (Tina Connolly) [Weekly]
    • WordPunk / Dark Fiction Magazine (Dark Fiction Magazine)
  3. Fiction: Anthology (13 podcasts; 1695 episodes)

    Two or more stories (often both poetry and prose) in many episodes, sometimes accompanied by commentary, review, opinion, or discussion pieces by the host(s). Still just readings, but kind of like an audio magazine instead of an audiobook.

    • This Is Horror Podcast (Fiction) {2} (Michael David Wilson) [Weekly]
    • Seminar {47} (Pendant Productions) [Monthly]
    • Crime City Central {59} (District of Wonders) [Weekly]
    • Far Fetched Fables {151} (District of Wonders) [Weekly]
    • NoSleep Podcast, The {160} (The Paragon Collective) [Weekly]
    • DrabbleCast, The {236} (Norm Sherman) [Periodically]
    • Tales to Terrify {252} (District of Wonders) [Weekly]
    • Flash Pulp {350} (J. R. D. Skinner) [Weekly]
    • StarShipSofa {438} (District of Wonders) [Weekly]
    • Chilling Tales for Dark Nights [Weekly]
    • Kaleidocast [Semi-monthly]
    • Simply Scary Podcast, The (Chilling Entertainment) [Weekly]
    • Uncanny Magazine Podcast (Uncanny Magazine) [Semi-monthly]
  4. Fiction: Audiobooks (30 podcasts; 667 episodes)

    Generally a single reader reading a long-form piece (novel or a long novella) over numerous episodes. Occasionally also done as a full-cast recording with music and sound effects: an audio ‘movie,’ as it were. Each short episode will have the podcast’s intro and outro section, so it’s less like an audiobook in that respect. Sometimes includes Q&A episodes or other commentary from the author.

    • Personal Effects: Sword of Blood {9} (J. C. Hutchins)
    • Afterlife 4: Wasteland {10} (Mur Lafferty)
    • Space Casey: Season 2 {10} (Christiana Ellis)
    • Takeover, The {10} (Mur Lafferty)
    • Afterlife 1: Heaven {12} (Mur Lafferty)
    • Afterlife 2: Hell {12} (Mur Lafferty)
    • Afterlife 3: Earth {12} (Mur Lafferty)
    • Space Casey: Season 1 {12} (Christiana Ellis)
    • Playing for Keeps {15} (Mur Lafferty)
    • Afterlife 5: War {20} (Mur Lafferty)
    • Sense Memory {20} (Brion J. Humphrey)
    • Silk Code, The {22} (Paul Levinson)
    • 7th Son Book 3: Destruction {23} (J. C. Hutchins)
    • Daughter of the Sun {24} (Lonnie Ezell)
    • Interference {24} (Eric Luke)
    • Nina Kimberly the Merciless {25} (Christiana Ellis)
    • 7th Son Book 1: Descent {26} (J. C. Hutchins)
    • Crescent {29} (Phil Rossi)
    • Down from Ten {29} (J. Daniel Sawyer)
    • Shadowmagic 1: Shadowmagic {31} (John Lenahan)
    • Shadowmagic 3: The Sons of Macha {36} (John Lenahan)
    • 7th Son Book 2: Deceit {37} (J. C. Hutchins)
    • Ancestor {39} (Scott Sigler)
    • Murder at Avedon Hill {42} (P. G. Holyfield)
    • Shadowmagic 2: The Prince of Hazel & Oak {44} (John Lenahan)
    • Underwood and Flinch: A Vampire Novel {45} (Mike Bennett)
    • Tincture, a Weird West Trilogy {49} (Matthew D. Jordan)
    • 7th Son Book 0: 7 Days (J. C. Hutchins)
    • Eden (Phil Rossi)
    • Marco and the Red Granny (Mur Lafferty)
  5. News & Politics (12 podcasts; 453 episodes)

    The primary purpose of an episode is to inform the listener on current events in the news and politics. This includes both serious podcasts and primarily comedy or parody podcasts.

    • Undone {3} (Gimlet) [Periodically]
    • Common Sense with Dan Carlin {14} (Wizzard Media) [Monthly]
    • Civics 101 {17} (New Hampshire Public Radio) [Weekly]
    • Embedded {17} (NPR) [Periodically]
    • Past Present {83} (Niki, Neil, and Natalia) [Weekly]
    • Bugle, The {319} (Radiotopia) [Weekly]
    • 19 Nocturne Boulevard (Constitution) (Julie Hoverson) [Weekly]
    • FiveThirtyEight Politics (ESPN) [Weekly]
    • NPR Politics Podcast (NPR)
    • Uncomfortable (Amna Nawaz – ABC News) [Weekly]
    • Up First (NPR) [Daily]
    • What Trump Can Teach Us About Constitional Law (Radiotopia) [Weekly]
  6. Education (42 podcasts; 1391 episodes)

    The primary purpose of an episode is to impart knowledge or teach the listener something. Often done in an entertaining way, so a number of these move back and forth between this category and either the ‘Entertainment,’ ‘Science,’ or ‘Writing’ categories.

    • Lingthusiasm {12} [Monthly]
    • Tides of History, The {12} (Wondery / Patrick Wyman) [Weekly]
    • Folklore Podcast, The {17} (Mark Norman) [Biweekly]
    • Turn of Phrases {24} (Briski) [Weekly]
    • Freakonomics Radio {35} (WYNC, NPR) [Weekly]
    • Podcast History of Our World, The {54} (Rob Monaco)
    • You Are Not So Smart {61} (Boing Boing) [Weekly]
    • The Story Behind | The Exxtraordinary History of the Ordinary {83} (Emily Prokop – Trivia Nerd)
    • Myths and Legends {110} (Jason Weiser) [Weekly]
    • Futility Closet {179} (Greg Ross) [Weekly]
    • Tolkien Professor, The {359} (Corey Olsen) [Periodically]
    • World in Words, The {445} (PRI) [Semi-monthly]
    • Astonishing Legends (Dark Myths) [Biweekly]
    • Books and Ideas (Dr. Ginger Campbell) [Periodically]
    • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History (Dan Carlin)
    • Everyday Einstein’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Making Sense of Science (Quick and Dirty Tips) [Weekly]
    • Flash Forward (Boing Boing)
    • Get-It-Done Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More (Quick and Dirty Tips) [Weekly]
    • Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing (Quick and Dirty Tips) [Weekly]
    • History of English Podcast, The (Kevin Stroud) [Weekly]
    • History of Islam, The (Elias Belhaddad) [Weekly]
    • House Call Doctor’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Taking Charge of Your Health (Quick and Dirty Tips) [Weekly]
    • I Hate My Boss (Wondery) [Biweekly]
    • Kevin Stroud Patreon Feed (Kevin Stroud) [Periodically]
    • Math Dude’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Make Math Easier, The (Quick and Dirty Tips) [Weekly]
    • Math Mutation (Erik Seligman) [Periodically]
    • Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day (Merriam-Webster) [Daily]
    • Mythology Podcast, The (Dark Myths)
    • No Dumb Questions [Weekly]
    • Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous (Quick and Dirty Tips) [Weekly]
    • Our Fake History (Dark Myths)
    • Public Speaker’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills, The (Quick and Dirty Tips) [Weekly]
    • Reasonably Sound (Radiotopia) [Periodically]
    • Savvy Psychologist’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Mental Health, The (Quick and Dirty Tips) [Weekly]
    • Silly Linguistics (Rolf Weimar) [Monthly]
    • Singing Bones (Dark Myths) [Semi-monthly]
    • Slate Presents Lexicon Valley (Slate) [Weekly]
    • Unknown History with Giles Milton (Quick and Dirty Tips) [Weekly]
    • Very Bad Words (AudioBoom) [Biweekly]
    • Way With Words, A (Wayword LLC) [Weekly]
    • Word Jazz (Word Jazz) [Weekly]
    • Words for Granted (Ray Belli) [Biweekly]
  7. Writing (42 podcasts; 2074 episodes)

    The primary purpose of these podcasts is to teach writing concepts, discuss writing topics, or in some way to encourage the listener to write.

    • Eating the Fantastic {9} (Scott Edelman) [Weekly]
    • The Outliners {9} (Jim Hodgson) [Weekly]
    • Imaginary Worlds {33} (Eric Molinsky) [Biweekly]
    • Narrative Breakdown, The {37} (Cheryl Klein and James Monohan) [Monthly]
    • Breaking the Glass Slipper: Women in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror {38} (Megan Leigh, Charlotte Bond, and Lucy Hounsom) [Biweekly]
    • Melting Potcast, The (non-fiction) {39} (A. F. Grappin) [Monthly]
    • Horror Writers Podcast, The {58} (J. Thorn)
    • Writership Podcast Editing Tips for Fiction Authors, The {68} (Leslie Watts, Clark Chamberlain) [Weekly]
    • Rocket Talk Podcast {69} (Tor.com) [Weekly]
    • Authorcast {74} (Alan Baxter and David Wood) [Monthly]
    • Hide and Create {76} (Jordan Ellinger, Debbie Viguie, Michael J Sullivan, Joshua Essoe) [Weekly]
    • Odyssey SF/F Writing Workshop {81} (Odyssey SF/F Writing Workshop) [Monthly]
    • Story Grid {92} (Shawn Coyne, Tim Grahl) [Weekly]
    • Author Biz, The {104} (Stephen Campbell) [Weekly]
    • SF Signal {113} (sfsignal.com) [Weekly]
    • Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing {142} (Lindsay Buroker, Jeffrey Poole, Joseph R Lallo) [Weekly]
    • This Is Horror (Non-Fiction) {165} (Michael David Wilson) [Weekly]
    • 19 Nocturne Boulevard: Blog {173} (Julie Hoverson) [Periodically]
    • Geeks’ Guide to the Galaxy {263} (David Barr Kirtley) [Weekly]
    • Dead Robots’ Society {431} [Weekly]
    • Social Media for Authors (Suzi Dafnis, Cat Matson) [Semi-monthly]
    • 10 Minute Writer’s Workshop (New Hampshire Public Radio) [Semi-monthly]
    • Adventures of Sci-Fi Publishing (Brent Bowen)
    • Archivos (Dave Robison) [Monthly]
    • Cooking the Books (Fran Wilde) [Periodically]
    • Creative Penn, The (Joanna Penn) [Weekly]
    • Crucible of Realms (Jim Ryan)
    • Ditch Diggers (Mur Lafferty, Matt Wallace)
    • Early Draft (Chris Brosnahan)
    • Every Day Novelist, The (J. Daniel Sawyer) [Daily]
    • Flash Pulp: Flash Cast (J. R. D. Skinner) [Weekly]
    • I Should Be Writing (Mur Lafferty) [Periodically]
    • Joanna Penn’s Patreon Feed (Joanna Penn) [Periodically]
    • Mad Writers Union (Tim Boerger, Nina Niskanen, Jay Wolf) [Weekly]
    • Mur Lafferty Patreon Feed (Mur Lafferty) [Periodically]
    • SciFi Ideas
    • Secrets Podcast for Writers, The (Michael Stackpole)
    • SF SqueeCast (Elizabeth Bear, Paul Cornell, Seanan McGuire, Lynne M. Thomas, Catherynne M. Valente)
    • Taylor Stevens Show, The (Taylor Stevens, Stephen Campbell) [Weekly]
    • Tea & Jeopardy (Emma Newman)
    • Unreliable Narrators (Christopher Cornell, Chia Evers, George Galuschak, Cath Schaff-Stump) [Weekly]
    • Writing Excuses (Dragonsteel) [Weekly]
  8. Entertainment (50 podcasts; 1585 episodes)

    The primary purpose of an episode is to entertain the listener. The line can get very blurry between ‘Education’ and ‘Entertainment,’ sometimes.

    • Twice Removed {6} (Gimlet Media) [Monthly]
    • Sooo Many White Guys {16} (WYNC Studios, NPR) [Weekly]
    • Terrible, Thanks for Asking {31} (American Public Media) [Weekly]
    • Kind World {33} (WBUR) [Semi-monthly]
    • Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything {36} (Radiotopia) [Semi-monthly]
    • wellRED Podcast {38} (Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester, Drew Morgan) [Weekly]
    • EphemRadio {59} (Ephemeral Rift) [Weekly]
    • My Dad Wrote a Porno {77} (Jamie Morton) [Weekly]
    • Memory Palace, The {82} (Radiotopia) [Periodically]
    • 99% Invisible {117} (Radiotopia) [Weekly]
    • No Such Thing as a Fish {125} (Audioboom) [Weekly]
    • With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus {139} (Earwolf and Lauren Lapkus) [Weekly]
    • Inquiring Minds {141} (CSICOP?) [Weekly]
    • Dunesteef That Gets My Goat {149} (Rish Outfield & Big Anklevich) [Periodically]
    • Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project {240} (Tech News) [Weekly]
    • Story Collider, The {296} [Weekly]
    • 2 Dope Queens (WYNC Studios, NPR) [Weekly]
    • Allusionist, The (Radiotopia) [Weekly]
    • Arkham Sanitarium (Ephemeral Rift) [Biweekly]
    • Artifexian (Edgar Grunewald & Bill McGrath)
    • Ask Me Another (NPR) [Weekly]
    • Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson, The (Audible) [Weekly]
    • Conversations with People Who Hate Me (Night Vale Presents) [Weekly]
    • Cortex (Relay FM)
    • Divides Aside Podcast (Emily Graslie and David Dault) [Biweekly]
    • Ear Biscuits (Rhett & Link)
    • Geologic Podcast (George Hrab) [Weekly]
    • Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler (Aisha Tyler) [Weekly]
    • Hello Internet (Brady Haran, CGP Grey)
    • Hidden Brain (NPR) [Weekly]
    • How To Do Everything (NPR) [Weekly]
    • Invisibilia (NPR)
    • KEXP Song of the Day (KEXP) [Daily]
    • Live from the Poundstone Institute (NPR) [Weekly]
    • Lore (Aaron Mahnke) [Biweekly]
    • Meddling Kids Podcast (Steven Pappas, Julie Kinn) [Weekly]
    • Memories of the FutureCast (Wil Wheaton)
    • Only Half Listening (SoundProofLiz) [Weekly]
    • Radio Free Burrito (Wil Wheaton) [Periodically]
    • RadioLab (NPR) [Semi-monthly]
    • Radiolab Presents: More Perfect (NPR) [Periodically]
    • Rumor Flies (Dark Myths) [Semi-monthly]
    • Sincerely, X (TEDTalks) [Weekly]
    • Song of the Day the Current (Minnesota Public Radio) [Daily]
    • Story Not Story (Craig & Chynna) [Biweekly]
    • SupDaily Dose, The (Chris Thompson) [Periodically]
    • Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (NPR) [Weekly]
    • Think Again (Big Think) [Weekly]
    • Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! (NPR) [Weekly]
    • Weird Work [Weekly]
  9. True Crime, Mystery, Weird (31 podcasts; 1139 episodes)

    I realized I had a number of podcasts on my feed all dealing with true crime, mysteries, or just ‘weird’ topics in general. I created this group as a place to put them all, even if they’re not obviously related.

    • Haunted {10} (Panoply) [Weekly]
    • First Day Back {13} (Stitcher & Tally Abecassis) [Biweekly]
    • Southern Grimoire {14} (KD Burff) [Weekly]
    • Secret Room, The {15} (At Will Radio) [Weekly]
    • Pleasing Terrors {19} (Dark Myths) [Weekly]
    • Hollywood & Crime {20} (Wondery) [Weekly]
    • Found {22} (Wondery) [Biweekly]
    • Already Gone {42} (AudioBoom) [Weekly]
    • Strange Matters {44} (Dark Myths) [Weekly]
    • Casefile True Crime {66} [Weekly]
    • Trail Went Cold, The {77} (Robin Warder) [Weekly]
    • FBI Retired Case File Review {90} (Jerri Williams) [Weekly]
    • Sword and Scale {92} (Wondery) [Weekly]
    • Magical Mystery Radio: Conspiracy & Paranormal Review {94} (Magical Mystery Media) [Weekly]
    • True Crime Garage {121} [Weekly]
    • True Crime Historian {180} (AudioBoom)
    • Thinking Sideways {220} (Art19) [Weekly]
    • Brutal Ends (Dark Myths)
    • Crime & Precedents (Lisa Strawn)
    • Criminal (Radiotopia)
    • Dirty John (Wondery) [Biweekly]
    • In the Dark (APM Reports) [Weekly]
    • Mind of a Murderer Podcast, The (Discovery Communications)
    • Night Time Podcast, The (Dark Myths)
    • Serial (WBEZ, This American Life)
    • Someone Knows Something (CBC Radio)
    • Southern Fried True Crime (Erica Kelley) [Weekly]
    • STAT! (Karen Wickiam) [Weekly]
    • The Cleaning of John Doe (Vanessa Phearson)
    • Unexplained (Dark Myths) [Biweekly]
    • Young Charlie (Wondery) [Biweekly]
  10. Science (29 podcasts; 850 episodes)

    The first few podcasts I ever listened to were science- or skepticism-related. I lump them together because, to me, they are inextricably bound. I have far fewer podcasts in this category because they started to repeat one another, and . . . Frankly, it was a lot of preaching to the choir. The few I still really enjoy are here.

    • Dash of Science, A {6} (Christopher El Sergio) [Weekly]
    • 15 Credibility Street {12} (Sharon Hill) [Biweekly]
    • Evidence Squared {13} (John Cook, Peter Jacobs) [Weekly]
    • Nature Podcast {23} (Nature Magazine) [Weekly]
    • Physical Attraction {26} (Thomas Hornigold) [Weekly]
    • Squaring the Strange {29} (Pascual Romero, Ben Radford) [Weekly]
    • Archaelogical Fantasies {64} (The Archaeology Podcast Network) [Semi-monthly]
    • Dr. Karl on triplej {67} (ABC Science) [Weekly]
    • This Week in Science – The Kickass Science Podcast {75} (Dr. Kirsten Sanford Science Media) [Weekly]
    • The European Skeptics Podcast {107} (TheESP.eu) [Weekly]
    • TALK NERDY {156} (Cara Santa Maria) [Weekly]
    • Science…Sort Of {272} (Brachiolope Media Network) [Periodically]
    • 60-Second Science (Scientific American) [Daily]
    • Astronomy Cast (Wizzard Media) [Weekly]
    • Base Pairs (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) [Monthly]
    • Brain Science (Dr. Ginger Campbell)
    • Malicious Life (Cybereason) [Semi-monthly]
    • MonsterTalk (Skeptic Magazine) [Monthly]
    • Oh No Ross and Carrie (Maximum Fun) [Monthly]
    • Science Life (A Capella Science) [Weekly]
    • Science Solved It (VICE) [Weekly]
    • Science Talk (Scientific American) [Weekly]
    • Science Vs. (Gimlet Media) [Weekly]
    • Skeptic Zone, The [Weekly]
    • Skepticality (Skeptic Magazine) [Weekly]
    • Skeptics’ Guide 5×5
    • Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe (SGU Productions) [Weekly]
    • Skeptoid (Brian Dunning) [Weekly]
    • Titanium Physicists Podcast, The (Brachiolope Media Network) [Periodically]
  11. Video (8 podcasts; 0 episodes)

    Almost all of my podcasts are audio only. These few involve high-definition video, and all of them are scientific in nature except one, and it’s just for fun.

    • Beautiful Universe: Chandra in HD, The (NASA) [Weekly]
    • ESOCast HD (ESO) [Weekly]
    • HD – NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA) [Weekly]
    • inFact with Brian Dunning (Brian Dunning)
    • IRrelevant Astronomy HD (NASA)
    • Mr. Deity (Brian Kieth Dalton)
    • NASA ScienceCasts (NASA) [Weekly]
    • Scam School (TestTube) [Weekly]

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