NaNoWriMo 2011 Stories

Since I had several in-progress novels at various stages of completion, I decided that for 2011, I would write a number of short stories instead of yet another novel.

Soon after this thought formed, I happened upon the idea of doing 26 of them, one for each letter of the alphabet. Furthermore, the titles would form a doggerel rhyme similar to one that I (falsely) remember from Sesame Street.

I came up with titles first, married those to ideas, and began to write, assuming each story would be around 2000 words, making up approximately 52,000 words for the month. I passed 50,000 words on the 8th. By the end of November, I had completed 15 of the 26 stories with 11 more “in progress,” for a total of 122,408 words. It’s the most I have ever written for any single project, and certainly the most I’ve ever written in a month. Perhaps in a year.

Below is a table showing the stories’ titles, word counts, and status as I continue to update and edit them. My eventual goal is to get as many of the 26 published as possible.

My critique groups are going to be busy for a few months. :)

SkyBlue titles are ones that I have completed a draft of. Others in grey are ones that are not complete. Beneath each story are cells indicating the word-count in “Draft” and each subsequent revision (“Rev 1”, etc.).

The table is a bit ugly because WordPress, in its infinite wisdom, decides to convert a <br> and &nbsp; into their literal values (i.e., a line break and a space), so I can’t put a blank space on a line underneath the shorter titles.

A Is for Anchor
Draft 10574
B Is for Bard
Draft 10092
C Is for Clowns
That Creep Through the Yard
Draft 5719
D Is for Dragon
Draft 6369
Rev 1 6842
Final 6917
E Is for Egg
Draft 4975
Rev 1 5047
F Is for Fangs
That Are Sunk in Your Leg
Draft 11629
G Is for Gravesite
Draft 2204
Rev 1 2373
Rev 2 2488
Rev 3 3508
H Is for Haunted
Draft 6073
I Is for Investigation
Draft 6627
J Is for Jackpot
Draft 3069
Rev 1 5164
K Is for Kiss
Draft 3191
L Is for Lucky
on a Hit or a Miss
Draft 3219
M Is for Moons
Draft 3378
N Is for Nocturnal
Draft 4151
Rev 1 4298
O Is for Oath
of Service Eternal
Draft 4038
Rev 1 4071
P Is for Prey
Draft 3630
Q Is for Quest
Draft 1678
R Is for Ritual
Performed as a Test
Draft 4599
S Is for SkullCosm
Draft 3672
T Is for Talents
Draft 3622
Rev 1 4122
Rev 2 5395
U Is for Unicorn
Power Imbalance
Draft 1826
Rev 1 2428
V Is for Vanish
Draft 1995
W Is for Waste
Draft 1068
X Is for Xenolith
Deliberately Placed
Draft 2351
Y Is for Yesterday
Draft 3688
Z Is for Zombie
Draft 6827
These Are the Dreams
that Keep Slumber from Me
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