NaNoWriMo 2013, Day 30 – Final (Winner!)

NaNoWriMo 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013

I’m charting my daily progress on NaNoWriMo. Since you may or may not care, I’ll kindly hide it. Thanks for taking the time. :)

NaNoWriMo Progress: MCU Case Files: Death Scene
Actual Required
New Words Today 2781 1667
Daily Average 1728 1667
Remaining Req’d
Daily Avg
0 1667
Expected Total 50000 50000


  • I won, yeah.
  • The last several days have been me abandoning the novel plot, which I finally pretty much figured out, and working on individual timelines. For the victims, the murderer, and other characters. Written out in kind of a narrative outline.
  • The next step is to finish the outlines, plot out where they cross, solidify who witnessed what, and what’s going on in the background while the investigator characters are investigating the crimes. There are three victims and a potential victim, which is where the “final showdown” comes in. The cops and MCU will have to protect victim #4 from the murderer.
  • Came up with lots of changes to my rules of how magic works. Because I needed to change them. Because otherwise I can’t figure out how, under my old rules, the Big Bad™ does what I need for him to do.
  • I should also mention that my housemate, who was also participating, put in a huge sprint today and wrote more than 8000 words to pull past 50,000, as well. So we’ve both been writing like mad for 30 days. :)
  • Once I get the outlines done, I intend to do a few more rounds of that very, very useful mind-mapping that I did back on Day 12 that helped me discover relationships between several of my characters that I hadn’t seen before. I need . . . more of that.
  • I fully intend to let this sit for a while after doing the outline, see what falls out, and then start afresh, knowing the whole story from the beginning, and being able to weave in a background plot that is planned to run for three books.
  • And for any of you who have been actually reading my updates for 30 days, thank you for indulging me.
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