Golden eye found in 5000 year old female skull

Golden Eye

I’ve been a bad blogger. Because I’ve been working on stuff, but haven’t taken the time to mention anything.

And what’s more, I’m still not, because this post isn’t about that. It’s about what is believed to be the oldest artificial eye, discovered in 2006 in Shahr-e Sukhteh in what is now eastern Iran. So far east, it’s almost in Afghanistan.

What struck me and made me want to post this was this description from the Wikipedia article on the find.

[The artificial eye] has a hemispherical form and a diameter of just over 2.5 cm (1 inch). It consists of very light material, probably bitumen paste. The surface of the artificial eye is covered with a thin layer of gold, engraved with a central circle (representing the iris) and gold lines patterned like sun rays. The female remains found with the artificial eye was 1.82 m tall (6 feet), much taller than ordinary women of her time. On both sides of the eye are drilled tiny holes, through which a golden thread could hold the eyeball in place. Since microscopic research has shown that the eye socket showed clear imprints of the golden thread, the eyeball must have been worn during her lifetime. The woman’s skeleton has been dated to between 2900 and 2800 BCE

Now, picture that coming at you. A woman a head taller – or more — than most other women of the region. And maybe, given the time period, taller than most of the men, as well.

Staring at you out of one eye socket is a golden eye that catches the sun and glints, seemingly with its own light. as though she has captured and tamed the sun-god.

Now imagine her angry. With a sword.

That’s the image that is stuck in my head, at any rate. I have to see if I can possibly use that in a story.

And it’s totally not Xena, although I may – just may – be picturing Lucy Lawless. ;)

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  1. TateFarmGirl says:

    I don’t know why I find this eyeball topic so interesting. So interesting I’ve read this post three times…

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