NaNoWriMo 2012, Day 14

National Novel Writing Month, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012

I’m charting my daily progress on NaNoWriMo. Since you may or may not care, I’ll kindly hide it. Thanks for taking the time. :)

NaNoWriMo Progress: Magic, Psi, and Necromancy for Normals
Actual Required
New Words Today 143 1667
Daily Average 2033 1667
Remaining Req’d
Daily Avg
1267 1667
Expected Total 50000 50000


  • So, yeah. Two things happened. First, on day 13, when reported my word-count, unbeknownst to me, I mistyped and it was 712 new words not 1712. So I should have typed 27386 instead of 28386. So I gave myself 1000 more words than I actually typed. Then, after that, I had horrible reflux, and got very little sleep, but still had to go to work. I wrote a lot of words during lunch and put in my count. To my surprise, the site now claimed I had a net -221 word total for the day. So I had to climb out of that deficit. The real number of words for yesterday was 1143, but because I gave myself 1000 more the night before . . . (I use the word ‘so’ a lot, don’t I?)
  • In addition, I actually fell asleep in my chair last night and slept from 9:45 until after midnight. I was so tired, I didn’t even bother typing this post until the next morning, when I back-dated it so it would show up on the right day. I wrote about what magic is not. I’m restricting my magic from being able to predict the future, tell whether a person is telling the absolute Truth (as opposed to the truth, which would merely tell whether they believe they are lying), or being able to heal instantly. I also wrote about psychometry.
  • Didn’t have to look up anything at all.
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