T – 2 Days and Counting

It should come as no surprise to anyone who either knows me or reads this blog that I am participating in NaNoWriMo again this year. This will be my seventh consecutive year participating in NaNoWriMo, and I hope it will be my fifth consecutive win. As I said in a previous post, I already have my project picked out for this year, and it promises to be something kind of fun, but more importantly, useful to me as I write my PCIU Case Files novels.

What this means for those of you who do see these posts is that the frequency is going to pick up. Perhaps drastically. From one or two per week to one every day, or perhaps multiple posts per day.

For those of you seeing this over on LiveJournal, I’ll kindly put a cut so you aren’t inundated by my spewing effusively about whatever I’ve written that day. Or, alternatively, lamenting the words I did not write that day. But please bear with me as the link-up between WordPress and LiveJournal is . . . a little fickle at times, and I’ve never gotten the cut to work just right.

So, I’m going to test it, right now. On my WordPress site, you’re about to see a "more" link, and on LJ, it should show up as an LJ-cut.

Okay, if that worked, you had to click something to see this. Below is what should see daily once November starts officially at midnight on Thursday.

I’m charting my daily progress on NaNoWriMo. Since you may or may not care, I’ll kindly hide it. Thanks for taking the time. :)


NaNoWriMo Progress: Magic, Psi, and Necromancy for Normals
Actual Required
New Words Today 0 1667
Daily Average 0 1667
Remaining Req’d
Daily Avg
0 1667
Expected Total 50000 50000


  • Some notey type stuff will go here. Yay for notes.
  • I’ll probably blather on and on about something I wrote, or how hard it was.
  • There are usually at least two or three.

All right! If everything looks good, then there’ll be approximately 30 hours of silence followed by a burst of activity starting on November 1st and going through November 30th.

Wish me luck! Wait, I don’t believe in luck. Wish me . . . strong wrists, an idea-laden mind, and the perseverance to bulldoze my way through writers block!

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