using phone again. Hands are shaking. May cause w wired typos. B battery alm most gone.

Jesus. W where t to start. Shortly after that last p post–seems like hours ago, but was j just after dark–an old lady near the back of the bus went nuts. She scream ed like…i don’t even know what like. The n jumps out of her seat and attacked the tattooed guy next t to her. The one in the m matrix x. The driver p pulled over and stopped so fat some people feel out of our seats. Reserve guys herded everyone out while this poor guy is trying to best the old lady of him. Everyone was screaming…

We all ran away from the bus but not too far. Pouring rain. P pitch dark. More screams. Then two shots. Maybe three. Some people said the re were a lot more. Hard to say.

Pretty soon they–the guys in uniform–carried out two bodies. T they dumped them across the road in a dutch.

Then they told us to get back o kn board. Not received well. Yht they had to threaten u us asl with guns

Shit. Gonna try to stop hands from shaking.

Ok. They threatened to shot us if we didn’t get back on the bus. Thought they were gonna have to for a minute. P one young guy turned around and started to walk off and they fired right next to his feet. He screamed, but so did a lot of us. He wet his pants, too.

We’re back on the bus now and should be at woods hole in a few minutes. No one is sitting in the back of the bus w whee the old lady and the Matrix guy were. Blood everywhere back there. Feel sick.

Bus is stopping. Armed guys are

Zombie Apocalypse 2012

Zombie Apocalypse 2012

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