05: Holy Crap

On phone again. on a half full bus to Woods Hole. Lot to tell, probably kind of random. Just gonna write to calm myself.

Boston is burning, in spite of the rain. Holy crap. I guess all the major cities are. Like a bad dream.

Obama looked like he’s aged at lest 5 years since lady week. But he actually ussd the word “zombie.” He was quick to point out that the victims are NOT animated corpses and urged the news media to stop using the word. Yeah, good luck on that one. Has he MET the media? Speaking of that–

But you probably know all this. He was on every channel including satellite. If you’re able to get tv or radio you heard him whether you wanted to or not. Whatever it is–i guess I’ll have to just use the word zombie–it has spread to Europe, Asia, Australia, South and Central America, Africa . . . even Antarctica! They said all contact with the science stations down there has been cut off since last night. Russia and China aren’t talking, either, and half the middle east wants to bomb the other half. There’s rioting in every city. No one knows how many people are affected. Estimates range from ten to thirty percent. That’s an awful lot of people.

Martial law. No one allowed out. No unauthorized vehicular traffic. Military and National Guard authorized to shoot to kill. God. When I think of all the times I’ve joked with friends over who we’d want with us during a zombie apocalypse. It’s not so funny now. I have no skills. Well, other than writing. But I don’t think a well-crafted sentence is going to save me from a zombie.

CDC still doesn’t have a goddamned clue what’s going on. That’s not what Obama said in a many words, but it’ll do. Whatever silence the media was operating under is over. Now we can’t shut then up. There are roughly the same number of explanations flying astounds as there are experts to express them. I think every news chanel has interviewed the same few scientists 20 times. The answer is still, “We’re studying the data . . . it’s too early yet to tell . . .” Meanwhile, there are a lot of unfamiliar faces on the network news. Where are the others? Are they zombies?

No one has told exactly what the symptoms are, for want of a better word. I’m guessing it’s not brain eating. But apparently people get really strong and uncontrollable. That’s all we know.

Official-looking types handed out surgical masks at the airport after the press conference. Must be airborne, whatever it is. All the military-looking guys–and there are a LOT–are in full gas masks. Heh. One of my friends just bought one of those for . . . other purposes. I’ll bet he’s laughing, now.

The military originally tried to take us to a local shelter, but Boston is total fucking chaos. Everywhere is. What hotels aren’t burning or overrun are already full. They eventually divided us into groups based on where were already headed. That’s how I’m on a bus to Woods Hole. Late, but at least underway. Roads are eerily empty, but we’re creeping along. Lot of wrecks. Fires. Abandoned cars.

Unauthorized vehicles wil be fired upon. Trying to con taint the outbreak. I think it’s too late for that, myself.

There were a few scary minutes near Logan when it looked like we were being attacked by zombies. But it was rioters. The military fired tear gas and they dispersed. But not before they rushed the bus, trying to get on. That was . . . intense.

Right now, everyone on the bus is talking, quietly. Theories include government conspiracies, mad scientists run amok, aliens, biological warfare, mass hallucinations, God punishing sinners, the apocalypse . . . you name it. One kinda crazy-acting guy with a neck tattoo thinks we’re all in the Matrix, like in the movie. And none of this is real. We’re all giving him a wide berth.

The president said to stay calm and stay indoors. The national guard has been activated with orders to shoot to kill. You don’t have to tell me twice. I just wish I was at home.

There’s a few armed men aboard the bus. National guard or army, I have no idea–I’m not an export in uniforms. The bus is humming with quiet conversations. Everyone lewis trying to call home, but the circuits are busy. Luckily data is stil mostly working, if slowly.

We should be at Woods Hole by 6:30. After dark. More guards there to escort us in smaller groups. There are supposedly still places where the whatever-it-is hasn’t spread. I’m hoping islands are among them. Of course, what if one of us is carrying it? No. I won’t even think it.

I wonder if any of the other Viable Paradise people are already on the island?

They agreed to escort us to our final destinations on the stipulation that we’d stay put once there. Under penalty of being shot? Yeah, I’ll stay wherever I end up.

There’s a new curfew of 6 pm, and the whole US is under marital law, not just Boston.

I know it won’t do any good, but I keep trying to call someone. Anyone. Nothing. Hope everyone is OK.

Zombie Apocalypse 2012

Zombie Apocalypse 2012

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