04: In Boston

Deplaned about an hour ago. There were armed guards all through Logan International. They didn’t do or say much, but just seeing them around is ominous. They look at everyone like we’re all potentially guilty of something heinous. The Airport TVs are on, here, and tuned to Cartoon Network instead of CNN or MSNBC or even Fox News. Again, I’m not one to put too much into conspiracy theories, but I have to wonder if they’re hiding something from us? And who ‘they’ is.

On the other hand, Scooby Doo is better by far than some of the idiot crap they have on the news networks.

Everyone on the plane including the flight attendants were throwing all kinds of stories around. Dallas and Denver were only two of the places people had flown in from. O’Hare in Chicago, Birmingham, Nashville . . . it was everywhere. Whatever it is, it’s wide-spread.

As soon as I got my luggage at the baggage claim, I high-tailed it to the nearest food court and I’m sitting in a Starbuck’s with free wi-fi. Egad, but it’s slow. Everyone in here is furiously typing away on something.

I’m having a hard time getting to any of my usual sites, though. Google is slower than I’ve ever seen it, and CNN.com is so unstable I think the site crashed. The other news sites are inundated, and besides, they have almost nothing. A lot of stories about those same kinds of incidents, but for some reason, the authorities are being awfully mum. I’m waiting for one of the news agencies to blow the lid off whatever it is. Even Reddit is useless. The ‘zombie’ hypothesis is

Someone just yelled out that the president is having a press conference in a few minutes. Everyone is leaving to find TVs. Later!

Zombie Apocalypse 2012

Zombie Apocalypse 2012

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