Into the Sunset

© 2007 by Andrew E. Larsen

"Finished" © 2007 by Andrew E. Larsen

Moments ago, I typed THE END. Clichéd as it is, it seemed fitting.

Yes, I’m finally, finally done with the first draft of Killing Time.

And there was much rejoicing. <insert half-hearted ‘yays’ here>

I wrote 4,423 words yesterday and today. Not all of them are good words, mind you, but at least I got the last of the big reveals revealed, the good guys and the bad guys reconciled and group-hugging, and all the time-travel loose threads re-raveled and/or knotted together into some semblance of coherency.

Then, of course, there are the 3,000+ words of notes I wrote to myself, like “Go back and add a couple of scenes from Breda’s point of view to explain why she does this here.”

I am now officially ignoring the thing until at least April. I will not look at it. I will not obsessively read it. I will not…well, okay, I probably will continue to make notes to myself, both written and with my handy-dandy voice recorder. But that’s all I’ll do is make notes.

So anyway…yay. And stuff. That was grueling. But I’m so glad I finished it. I can now say I’ve completed a novel.


Project working title: Killing Time (First Draft)
New words: 6,747
Current total words: 92,561
Goal: 100,000

Reason for stopping: BECAUSE IT’S FINISHED. :)


  1. I finished!
  2. I’m done!
  3. It’s over!
  4. Complete!
  5. Well, draft 1, anyway.
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6 Responses to “Into the Sunset”
  1. hlmyers says:

    Congratulations! I’m on that road myself. And I can identify with the time-travel loose ends: there’s a NaNo manuscript on my shelf that’s a tangled mess due to its time-travel plot. I’m not even thinking about touching that one for the moment. And I did the same leaving of notes to myself with the first part of the novel manuscript I’m working on now. It’s helped when it comes to filling in the gaps I left.

  2. Marcia says:

    Congratulations on finishing! It’s a huge step, and you should be damned proud of yourself for accomplishing it!

  3. StoryChuck says:

    That is very, very cool Gary.

    I’m looking forward to reading it. I’d be happy to be a first reader.

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